The Field Artillery Journal 1941 08 (PDF)


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Vol. 31 No. 8 ……. Cover: New 8-Inch Howitzer ….. Articles:
Fighting the Panzers By Lieutenant Jean Dupont
Armored Attack South of A– Translated from the German
Artillery and Bombing Planes – Translated from the German
Wartime Production By Major General William J. Snow, USA-Ret.
Advanced Course (Special) Number Two By Lieutenant Colonel Ross B. Warren, FA.
The Fall of Belgium: Part III By Colonel Conrad H. Lanza, FA.
Moving Targets on Sunken Track Ranges By Captain Dale E. Means, FA.
Pyrotechnics as an Aid to the Forward Observer By Captain George L. Hart, Jr., FA.
The Swiss Army By Henry W. Steiger
German Signal Communications
Lessons in Military Intelligence
With the Armies of Foreign Nations
With the Other Arms and Services: III- Cavalry By Lieutenant Colonel F. S. Jacobs, Cavalry
Fire Power By Lieutenant E. A. Raymond, FA.
Vacation in Mexico: Part II By Captain T. L. Crystal, Jr., FA.
Strictly According to the Book – Translated from the German
The Professional Soldier and Criticism By Major Burgo D. Gill, CA.
Artillery Observation By Lieutenant Hans Revermann
Gunnery Problems
Junior Officer’s Prayer to Santa Barbara By Lieutenant N. M. G. Locksley
Tests for Battery Executives
From the Chief’s Office
Book Reviews