The Field Artillery Journal 1941 06 (PDF)


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Vol. 31 No. 6 ……. Cover: 155-MM. Gun Loaded for Rail Transport ….. Articles: …
The Fall of Belgium; Part I By Colonel Conrad H. Lanza, FA.
How Eben Emael was Taken By Lieutenant G. Sprengling
German Assaults Upon Permanent Fortifications By Captain C. T. Schmidt, Inf.
Loading of Field Artillery Materiel for Railway Transport
Antitank Fire with Minus Site By Lieutenant William P. Francisco, FA.
Two Replacement Centers By Lieut. Col. O. F. Mars ton, FA., and Lieut Col. W. J. Egan, FA.
Wartime Production By Major General William J. Snow, USA-Ret.
Marking Artillery Fires By Major T. E. Lewis, FA.
An Artillery Action in Somaliland
The War in the Mediterranean Area
With the Other Arms and Services: I – Engineers By Major Thomas North, FA.
The Secret German Weapon By Captain T. L. Crystal, Jr., FA.
Incidents from the Battle of France By Captain P. W. Bramwell, Engrs.
The Versatile Jeep By Captain George Ruhlen, FA.
Device for Measuring Powder Temperature
Quick! Where Am I? By Lieutenant M. F. Beavers, FA.
Proposed Amendment to Association Constitution
Military Progress By Cary Ingram Crockett
The Automotive Driver
Self-Propelled Artillery
Conduct of Fire: Chapter II
The Liaison Method of Conduct of Fire By Brigadier General F. C. Wallace, USA.
Hints for Laying a Battery in a Surveyed Position By Captain N. R. Duell, FA.
New Autogiro Tested as Flying “OP”
Artillery in Direct Support of Tanks
From the Chief’s Office
Book Reviews