The Field Artillery Journal 1941 04 (PDF)


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Vol. 31 No. 4 ……. Cover: The 155-mm. Gun, M1 ….. Articles: …
Panzers Across the Meuse
A Suggestion for Reinforcement By Captain Richard C. Carpenter, FA
British Artillery in Flanders
Molotov Cocktail By Captain John C. Hooker, 179th FA
Rise and Fall of the American “75” By Major General William J. Snow, USA-Ret.
Military Mexico By Lieut. Raleigh Hansl, FA
Artillery Support of Motorized Divisions
Wings for Santa Barbara By Major William W. Ford, FA
The Forward Observer By Major von Ondarza
Training Artillery Intelligence Personnel
Making Lateral Firing Easy for Beginners By Major Karl F. Hausauer, 106th FA
From the Chief’s Office
Notes from the Field Artillery School
Circular Convergence Table and Firing Data Card By Lieutenant George F. A. Pearsall, 102nd FA
With the Armies of Foreign Nations
Book Reviews