The Field Artillery Journal 1941 03 (PDF)


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Vol. 31 No. 3 ……. Cover: 155-mm. Howitzer Being Repaired in the Field ….. Articles: …
Japanese Field Artillery By Lieutenant Colonel M. W. Pettigrew, GSC (FA)
Roadside View of the War By Alden McKim Crane
Strategem in the North By Colonel Conrad H. Lanza, FA.
Field Artillery Organization, Armored Force By Colonel F. A. Doniat, FA.
The Artillery in Large Armored Units By Colonel Oete Blatto
Can Grandma, 75-mm. 1897, Stop ’em? By Lieut. Jake G. Lyons, FA.
The Winning Knox Trophy Battery By Major C. Wesner, 11th FA.
Some Thoughts on Emplacement of Anti-Tank Guns By Major Ralph Van Wyck, FA.
Artillery Helps Itself By Captain Paul W. Thompson, Corps of Engineers
Wartime Procurement of Field Artillery Materiel By Major General William J. Snow, USA-Ret.
Suggestions for Equitation Instructors By Major Arthur A. Solem, FA.
The Camp Roberts Replacement Center By Lieutenant Colonel O. F. Marston, FA.
With the Armies of Other Nations
From the Chief’s Office
Notes from the Field Artillery School
Field Artillery Organizations
Book Reviews