The Dim View 1945 06 20 nr 05 (PDF)



GI Joe Is Occupation Key, Job Big Test of US Soldier
Men Will Select Courses in New Regiment Survey
313th Men Guarding Boundaries
Chinaman’s Chance Slim in Germany, Acrobat Reveals
Col. Gooding Once Chauffeured for Gen. Marshall by Pfc. Edward F. Younger, Headquarters, 2nd Battalion; Lt. Col. Clarence F. Gooding of Clarksville, Texas  Col. Van Bibber Sees Third Pass Review
Intrducing Otto; comic drawn by Sgt. Bill Butler from Camden, N.J.
Guard In Action: Pfc. A.K. Flynn
Boxing in Graslitz with Lt. Francis D. Miller and Maj. Harrie S. Keck