The Black Cat Vol 2 1945 05 15 nr 02 (PDF)



8 pages
Adolf Hitler’s Birthplace Captured By Division
Braunau Obeys Surrender Edict At Last Moment; Major W. A. Gray Victory In Bavaria, Danube, Isar and Inn River Bridged
Nope, No Mayor, Only SS Officers, 24th Tank Battalion, Neu-Oetting New CG Took Command After General Wogan Was Wounded;John Millikin
Three Black Cat Sergeants Awarded Battlefield Bars – Thomas I. Whelan, Frank E. Peetz, Jack M. Vogel
135th Really Sweated Out Bavaria Deal
496th AFA, Strong Artillery Support Backed Drive By CC ‘B’
Gas, Ammo, Convoy Saved by A.A. Men, Urbach
DSO Sends The Heinie Little Army Messages of Cheer, German Army pigeons
Task Force Palmer
Adolf’s Midwife is ‘Glad He’s Dead’, Rosa Horl, Postau
Yank PW, Freed By Doughboys Enjoys Reunion With Old Buddy; Joseph W. Mentyka freed by men of 16th Armored Infantry Battalion talks about reading the infamous “OK” Periodical
Adolf Hitler’s House
Gal Prisoners Taken
Task Force Malone, Malgersdorf, Jagendorf, Falkenberg, EisenfeldenĀ  574th AAA Battalion, Jansen H. Van Etten
Task Force Smith
Captured 16th Dough Saved His Sixty Bucks, Ralph H. Korgie
Bavarian City of Tann Straubing
15,000 Allied PW’s Freed by 13th; Prison Camp Spotted by 46th Tankers; Kenneth E. Weaver and Jack McMahon
Captain Pens New Chapter in Saga Of Medical Heroism Under Fire; Capt. Harold Rosenberg
Three Tough Rivers But Those Engineers Got the 13th Across; Robert P. Burkins
801st TD Battalion Enjoys Big PW Roundup
Reconn Mission Preceded Push By Cat Forces; 93rd Cavalry Reconnais-Squadron, Charlie Leighton
45th Tanker Rudy Bell Qualifies As Top Change-Of-Scenery
Gestapo Leader, Benno Martin, Nabbed By 83rd Battalion
24th Tanks Hit 60 Mile-A-Day Speed
Just a Second-Rate Hotel; Dom Didoardo
Landau, Germany
Nazi Photopraphic Cache Discovered By AIB Unit, Heinrich Hoffmann, Winhoring
Hungarian Bag Includes Vice-Premier, Attached Gals; Ference Szasz, Jeno Solloszi, Karol Bergefy, Morris Grover, Frank D. Horvay, John J. Richmond