The Bellringer 1941 02 (PDF)



Vol. 1 No. 3
20 pages
Articles inside this issue:
Why Dive Test? / By “Bob” Stanley – Test Pilot
620 Miles Per Hour
Tricycle Gear in Production – A breif description and advantages obtained by use of the Tricycle Gear on the P-39 Airplane, by F. P. Bassett, Assistant Project Engineer National Unity and Bell Aircraft
Ringing the Bell – Departments’ News
O. L. Woodson
Assistant General Manager – A Pioneer in Aviation “Woody’s” Experiences and Accomplishments Would Fill Several Volumes.
Keeping Up with the Belles
Recent Visitors to Our Plant
The Bell Training Program – A solution to the aircraft industry’s ever increasing problem of securing additional skilled craftsmen.
George B. Fuller
Leonard J. Kline
On Salvage and Scrap / N. A. Kauffman
Advertising – Another Form of Business Insurance