The Apache Sentinel 1944 11 17 nr 12 (PDF)



8 pages
Vol. II. — Welcome New Troops to Ft. Huachuca, Tank Destroyer Infantrymen and Band Arrive Here; 372nd Infantry Regiment (all Negro outfit) commanded by Col. Edward O. Gourdin; Band meets Band SCU – 227th — Wasp In Forced Landing Near Fort – Peggy Nispel — 669th T.D.’s Arrive and Disband at Fort – 669th Tank Destroyer Batallion — Geronimo —Huachuca Captain Receives High Honors From Liberia: Harsba F Bouyer, Lt. Rachel Garrett — Early Days At Fort Huachuca by Edward J. Kelley — C.F. Nelso, Col. O’Rear, Edwin .N Hardy — Map – Soldier’s Guide to Fort Huachuca — Miss Gladys Smith and Mrs. Kingsley — Adventures of Private Meathead; Pvt. Hicks — First Death in College Football Since ’40, Claim: Allan J. Shafer, University of Wisconsin — you can jump in Douglas: S/Sgt. Hugh T. Bell Swing Band, Pvt. George Asbell, Charles Redding, Leroy Nelson, Lawrence Jones, Clarence Hicks