The Air Surgeon’s Bulletin 1945 04 (PDF)



Vol. II
32 pages
Cover: The Aleutian Isles
Common Diarrhea…; Capt Herbert R. Plass
Combat Wounds in Crewmen of Heavy Bombers; Lt Col John D. Stewart and E.R. Ristine
First Aid at High Altitudes; Capt William H. Bachrach
Management of Mycoses in the Southwest Pacific Area; Capr WIlbur R. Cohlan
Skin Diseases in the Tropics; AAFTC, Orlando, Florida
Oxygen Equipment for AIr Evacuation; Maj Laurence L. Palitz
Aero-Otitis Externa; Capt Ben H. Senturia
Plexiglass Arch Supports; Capt. Dana M. Street
Parasitologic Laboratory of a Redistribution Station; Capt. Paul L. Burlingame
Sulfadiazine Reaction; Capt. M.H. Hollender
Diagnosis of Duodenal Ulcer at Station Hospitals; Capt. Joseph H. Nicholson
Portable Air COoler; Capt. Edward G. Gullord
External Appearance of Human Being During Positive Acceleration; E.H. Wood, E.J. Baldes, C.F. Code
Industrial Medicine in AAF; Col. J.M. Hargreaves, D.H. Byram
Electrical Phenomenon involving an aircraft in flight; Capt. Frank LeCocq, Jr.
Effect of Wearing Sandals In Reducing Foot Infections; Lt. Walter J. Nickerson, Jr, Maj. Laurence Irving, Maj. Henry E. Mehmert
Notes on the Aleutians; Maj Walter R. Stager