The Air Surgeon’s Bulletin 1945 01 (PDF)



The Air Surgeon’s Bulletin

January 1945     Volume 2 No. 1     32 Pages

Cover: G Suit
See Acceleration and the G Suit, Page 3


Acceleration and the G Suit
By Capt. George L. Maison, MC, Capt. Clarence A. Maaske, AC, Capt. George A. Hallenbeck, MC, and Lt. Ernest E. Martin, AC, Aero Medical Laboratory, Wright Field, Dayton, Ohio

New X-Ray Devices
By Capt. William L. Bonnet, MC, AAF Regional Hospital, Robins Field, Georgia

     Cassette Holder

     Fluoroscopic Pressor Device

     Controlled White Lights In X-Ray Processing Room

Body Armor
A Brief Study on the Development
By Brig. Gen. Malcolm C. Grow, USA, and Lt. Col. Robert C. Lyons, MC, United States Strategic Air Forces in Europe

Air Evacuation Italian Campaign
By Maj. Ray C. Stark, MC,
Twelfth Air Force

Noise in Aircraft
By Capt. Ben H. Senturia, MC, and Maj. Hubert B. Peugnet, MC,
AAF School of Aviation Medicine, Randolph Field, Texas

Summary Of Medical Statistics, AAF, Continental USA
October 1944 (Four weeks 29 September to 27 October)

Summary Of Venereal Disease Rates, AAF, Continental USA
October 1944 (Four weeks 29 September to 27 October)

The Editor’s Page

Chemical Control of Insects Of Military Importance
By Capt. W. N. Sullivan, SnC, AAF Tactical Center, Orlando, Florida

Rehabilitation of Flyers with Operational Fatigue
By Lt. Col. Roy R. Grinker, MC* Don Ce-Sar Convalescent
Hospital, St. Petersburg, Florida

Atabrine Psychosis
By Maj. Robert C. Crawford, MC, 42nd General Hospital

Medical Supply in the Theater Of Operations
ByCapt. Arthur Stern, MC, Aero Medical Department, AAF School of Applied Tactics, AAFTAC, Orlando, Florida

Frostbite… Eighth Air Force
By Capt. William F. Sheeley, MC, Central Medical Establishment, Eighth Air Force

Vaccine Shipping in Hot Climates
By Lt Charles V. Bennett, MAC, China-Burma-India Air Service Command

Identification and Care of the Dead in Crashes
Medical Safety Division Office of Flying Safety Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Medical Air Ambulance Kit
By Capt. Russell K. Ameter, MC, Thirteenth Air Force


     Fatal Coronary Arteriosclerosis In Young Soldiers
     By A. J. French and W. Dock
     J. A. M. A. 124:1233-1237 (29 Apr) 1944

     Coronary Occlusion, Coronary Insufficiency, And Angina Pectoris
     By A. M. Master, H. L. Jaffe, S. Dack, and A. Grishman
     Am Heart J. 27:803-816 (June) 1944

     A Helmet For Protection Against Craniocerebral Injuries
     By L. Davis
     Surg., Gynec., & Obst., 79:89-91 (July) 1944

     Potassium Bicarbonate: An Adjunct To Chemotherapy In Pneumonia Complicating Cardiac Compensation
     By J. Ohnysty and IF. Q. Wolfson
     New England J. Med. 231:381-384 (14 Sep) 1944

     Acute Starvation Following Operation Or Injury; With Special Reference To Caloric And Protein Needs
     By R. Elman
     Ann. Surg. 120:350-359 (Sep) 1944

     Antireticular Cytotoxic Serum As A Means Of Pathogenetic Therapy
     By A. A. Bogomolets
     Am. Rev. Soviet Med. 1:101-112 (Dec) 1943

     Treatment Of Meningococcal Meningitis With Penicillin
     By M. Meads, H. IP. Harris, B. A. Samper, and M. Finland
     New England J. Med. 231:509-517 (12 Oct) 1944

     The Healing Of Deep Thermal Burns
     A Preliminary Report
     By G. J. Connor and S. C. Harvey
     Ann. Surg. 120:362-366 (Sep) 1944

     Concentrated Red Cell Transfusions
     By M. L. Binder and A. Klein
     Am J. M. Sc. 208:95-105 (July) 1944

     Penicillin In The Treatment Of Experimental Infections With Bacillus Anthracis
     By F. R. Heilman and IF. E. Herrell
     Proc. Staff Meet., Mayo Clin. 19:492-496 (4 Oct) 1944

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