Target Victory 1944 08 26 vol 1 nr 05 (PDF)



“No Oil, No Nothin’!” – Hitler Lament Tops the Bomb ‘Hit Parade’; Misburg Oil Refinery hit by 467th, 466th and 458th
Dulmen Oil Distribution hit by 467th and 458th
Brunswick/Querum hit by 389th,453rd, 445th – aircraft engine works
481st hit Schwerin airfield
467th hits Lubeck
Airam-Purchased “Victory Squadron” a Success – 2 B.D. tops its quotas – First to sign the book: Maj. Gen. W.E. Kepner, Commanding – “Get Foxie!” Victory Squadron War Bond Drive – 448th sub-depot squadron
Best Hit By a Group This Week, Perfect Score at Wismar, 453rd, It’s 100% for all 3 squadrons and 87% within 1000yds! – Dornier assembly plant
Best runner up of this week: 448th Prize Sluggers at Rostock, Terrific Damage to Heinkel Works in Ace Attack!
May Save Your Life: 2-Ride with 1 chute a trick to remember: tested by crew of shot down B-24 (photo of how it was done)
Nomination for outstanding Man-of-the-division: Lt. Paul S. Evans, Long Island, NY of the 466th with his air ship “Reliable Babe”, co-pilot David E. Cahill, Jr., West Springfield, Mass.