Super-Fort 1945 04 03 nr 07 (PDF)



16 pages
B-29 Raids to Increase
Only 84 Forts Lost in Combat
Sammy Edwards and Stanley Labak
Frank DeSimone, Lou Quirarte, Walter Mulrean, John Ruschinsky
and Butch Schuster – Mulrean Manglers
Lt. Harold Vicory
Col. Charls K. Moora

Two GIs Devise Power Driven Hack-Saw – Cpl. Alfred Kubici and Sgt. Charles Dare
Richard C. Baker with bullet proof glass for B-29
Lost his eye but accomplished the mission – Jack T . Hull
Claude Hopper of Woodburn, Ky,
Sketches by Ben Shaw
Three Men lost After Crew ‘Chutes From Burning Plane: Mills Bale, John Topolski, Louis Sandrick, Anthony Peleckis, William
Kintis, John Carney, James Moffit, Vernon W. Lester, Nathaft Teplick, Joseph Dimock.
Eddie Allen – Lost Props Mid-air; Carter McGregor, Charles Taylor
Jap B-29 decoy did not work
Edward L. Warner of Springfield, Mo., pilot of a B-29
Superfortress of the “Billy Mitchell Group,”