Sudfront Illustrierte 1944 06 nr 04 (PDF)



40 pages
Generalfeldmarschall Kesselring, the commander of German troops in Italy, visiting his troops; photo by war correspondent Wahner .
Generalmajor Baade with Oak Leaves; photo by war correspondent Ernst Wittke  An Abruzzen lady
Fallschirmjaeger in fight; photo by war correspondent Pirat
Americans in Italy; picture of captured US soldiers, falllen soldiers at Nettuno, German self-propelled gun; text by war correspondent Franz Pesendorfer, photos by Micheljak, Funke, Lutz Koch
German Grenadiers on the South Front; story by war correspondent H.K. Laboeck; drawings by Max Ohmayer
The Via Appia road; photos by war correspondents Hoppe and Roubier
German actors visiting Gebirgsjaeger-Kompanie from Tirol in Norway
Photos from Venice; war correspondent Dr. Frass
A visit to San Marino; photos by Bernd Lohse
Faehnrich Etzel by Alfons von Czibulka
Big parade in Berlin during 1888
Building the Atlantic Wall
Photos of German ladies at a beach
River Donau and the countries around them; castle Golovat, Budapest, Melk, Passau
Adolf Abel and his art
An Italian village; photos by war correspondents Frass, Engel, Enz
A female dancer
A game with a bull in southern France; photos by Bernd Lohse
German tanks on production line