Stars and Stripes London 1944 11 23 (PDF)


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Vol. 5 No. 19
8 Pages

Article headlines in this issue are:

(Louis Zamperini whom the movie Unbroken is based)

Trap Threatens 70,000 Nazis

Strasbourg Goal of Dash In the South

Washington Butt Replies Conflicting / By Carl Larsen

Squeeze Nazis In Riga Gulf

Seek Allied Pacts, Stalin Tells Poland

Turkey ‘n Trimmins Today; Winant to Speak at Abbey (John C. Winant)

This Pup Can’t Resist That Smell of Brass

8th Reopens Drive To Faenza; 5th Gains

Ex-Aide to deGaulle Killed Near Belfort (Gen. Brosset)

Nazi Oil Plants Badly Hit

The B Bag Blow It Out Here — You Guessed It—Cigarettes!, It Takes ALL of Us to Win, and Wounded Officer’s Gripe

Hash Marks

Up Front With Mauldin / By Bill Mauldin

Company Polishes Up Old Man’s Medals (Capt. Kimball R. Richmond)

HUBERT / By Sgt. Dick Wingert

Sidelights of the Battle — Nazis Put Up the Sign at Metz, But GIs Beat Their ‘Off Limits’ / By Earl Mazo

AFN Radio Program

Newman’s Yankee Doodles

Thanksgiving from the Free — For Today It’s Hand To Mouth

Wounded Soldiers Form Own Rehabilitation Unit / By Gerald Brekke

ASC Doings — NCO Prevents Bomb Shortage

Bomb Expert (S/Sgt. Lee G. Spong)

Where There’s a Wheel There’s a Way (Wheelchair for Alfred Wade)

Pilot’s Superstition Costs Sixpence a Trip (Capt. Charles L, Powers)


Air Force Notes — Pilot Takes Up Brush Again To Keep Promise to Daughter (Capt. Randall T. Chadwick)

Eighth Can Give Out With Swing

Souvenirs of a Nightmare (V-1 Models made by S/Sgt. Paul DeVecchio)

Cook Shot Up As Line Soldier (Pvt. Paul Sisco)

He Got Out In Time — And Alone

GI Uncles Give British Child a Day

GIs Kick Around Postwar Topics in Unit Bull Sessions

For Barging Onto the Continent (Huge Waterways Barge)

Anybody See the Tail That Wagged the Dog? (437th Troop Carrier Group)

3 Die Trying To Save Pal (S/Sgt. Edwin T. Kreisel Jr.)

Big-Hearted MP Gets Things Done in Big Way (Sgt. Thomas F. Callahan)

Art Winner Gets, 4-Day Pass (Sgt. Murray E. Martin)

AWARDS and HONORS (List DSC, DFC, Air Medal, SS, Bronze Star, Purple Heart and Soldier’s Medal)

Georgia Tech to Battle Tulsa in Orange Bowl Tilt — Both Elevens Have Suffered One Setback

Once Over Lightly—By Andy Rooney

Thanksgiving Day Grid Fare Meager

Hulse, Dodds Entered In Cross Country Meet

Judge Landis’ Condition Is Termed ‘Serious’

Jim Crowley Signed as Czar Of All-America Football Loop

Miller Quits Chiefs

Sweeney Schriner Slips in Ice Race

American Hockey League

Hockey League Standings

Canucks Tie for First

Army, Navy 1-2 In AP Grid Poll

PGA Seeks to Raise $500,000 for Charity

Virginia State and Morgan To Vie for NIAA Grid Title

Auto Racing Ban Eased

Navy Releases Tiger Hurler (Al Benton)

Jock Whitney, Sister Share Greentree Stables

Japanese Radio Gives Clue Zamperini May Be a POW (Louis Zamperini movie Unbroken)

Cards’ Ernie White Now an ETO T/5 / By Ray Lee

Scribes Name Slats Marion Most Valuable NL Player — Cardinal Shortstop Bests
Nicholson by One Vote

Blow-by-Blow Fight Recording Sets Him Back $50

ETO Sports Mirror

Army Back on His Way to Score Against Irish

Ducats Go Fast For Service Tilt

Fallen Angel — Saint Thomas Gets the Call— Confesses to 50 Dayton Holdups

75 Grand Will Do It (Jack Carberry)

Giants Sign Eddie Martin

Dick Tracy / By Chester Gould

Li’l Abner / By Al Capp

Terry & the Pirates / By Milton Caniff

Turk Key to Joy Today, When Drum Sticks Beat Out Our Thanks

Life in Those United States — Army Has a Robot Bomb To Use Only ‘If Needed’, Rooney to Be a Papa, Stout Fala, A Change of Art, Distaff Side Chimes In Against Noel Coward, Kitchen Propaganda (Maj. Gen. Erich Elster), Fire Destroys Maine Plant (Maine Processors Dehydrating), Publisher Named to Senate (Wilton E. Hall), and Private Acquitted of Rape (Pvt. Walter H. Finn)

Censor Even Censors What You Say to Yourself (Lt. C. H. Taylor)

Plea for Shells Made by FDR

Aces Cross Ocean to Meet (Capt. William T. Whisner Jr. and 1/Lt. Claude J. Grenshaw)

The Censor Bares Their Fangs — Allen’s Timber Wolves Made the Nazis Howl / By Boyd Lewis

Two B29s Lost In Japan Battle

Wodehouse Seized, Freed

30,000 in U.K. Study In AFI’s Courses

Help Wanted—AND GIVEN