Stars and Stripes London 1944 09 20 (PDF)


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Vol. 4 No. 275 – Wednesday, September 20, 1944
Articles’ Headlines: … New Landings Threaten Nazi Flank – Eindhoven Captured, British Push 37 Miles For Fresh Linkups ….. Reds Seize Major Baltic Rail Center – Moscow Breaks Silence To Announce Capture After 5 Days ….. 1 Outfit Loses No Men in Line / By Andy Rooney ….. Dewey Safe in Train Wreck ….. Maneuvers Paying Off – Marshall Lays Allied Edge To the Brass and Equipment ….. Robots Kill Evacuees Who Thought It Safe To Return to Homes ….. Germans Call Truce For Wounded Yanks, Then Battle Resumes ….. Nazis Police Copenhagen After 48-Hour Strike ….. 8th, 9th Forces Blitz Nazi Rail Lines to Front ….. RAF Drops Six-Tonners On Tirpitz in Norway ….. The B Bag Blow It Out Here ( They Still Shoot At Us – Credit for ‘Old Foggies’ – A Cheer for 4-Fs – We Don’t Have Space ) ….. Hash Marks ….. An Editorial – This Picture Just Misses the Boat ….. Notes from the Air Force ….. GIs Solve Nazi OCS Problem in Blood – Win Terrain the Germans Practiced to Defend / By Allan M. Morrison ….. Once Over Lightly / By Gene Graff ….. Joe Aguirre’s Boot Gives Redskins Nod Over Steeler-Cards ….. Newark Gains 3-0 Margin In International Playoffs ….. Help Wanted-AND GIVEN ….. Pigskin Preview – Tulsa Is Set for All Challengers / By Waldo Wiese ….. Flock in Cellar After 6-5 Loss ….. Mills Made Same Mistake As Conn Did Against Louis / By Tony Cordaro ….. How They Stand ( Majors ) ….. Lowly Macks May Aid Yanks In AL Chase – Athletics Have Been Tough Opponents for All Contenders ….. Fitz to Remain At Phils’ Helm ( Freddie Fiizsimmons ) ….. Smythe’s Acceptance of Bid Will Depend on Condition ….. Li’L Abner / By Al Capp ….. In Those United States – Air Chief Urges Bases, Research for Post-War ….. 8th, 9th Blitz Nazi Rail Lines ….. Changes Announced In Locator Service ….. Lay Plans Now To Retrench, Agencies Told – FDR Orders U.S. Offices To Get Ready For Peacetime Setup ….. Politics ( Dewey Blames FDR for Strikes ) ….. Says GOP Has Program ….. AFN Radio Program ….. Plans All Made For Philippines DriveNimitz ….. ‘The Schnozzle’ Sings Cologne’s Theme Song ( Jimmy “Schnozzle” Durante ) ….. Plural Marriage ‘Revealed by Lord,’ Says Cultist ( John Yates Barrow ) ….. Clare Coins Another ….. They’ll Be Sorry ….. Hubby Laughed, So Sue Hayward Takes Powder ….. Meet CFCUPFSWBTCLBWPB ….. Sees Huge Armed Force Needed ….. RAF Plasters Italy Defenses ….. U.S. Now May Resume Relations With Finland ….. She Don’t Wanna ( Diana Barrymore ) ….. 90 Days to Ask for Job ….. Prince Mdivani Marries ….. Terry and the Pirates / By Milton Caniff