Spearhead 1945 03 24 nr 08 (PDF)



For the Liberation of France Photo: Maj. General Robert C Macon receives Croix de Guerre and the Legion of Honor award from General Louis Koeltz … Last call for name selection – all are picking a new division name … Neuss Nazi Fear tables will be turned in Salve Labor Racket … East Side Patrol Gets Big Picture Pfcs. Clyde L. Hendry and Lt. Col. Normal a Campbell … Engineers ride Tanks for a Day: T/5 Bill Stimmell of West Brownsville, PA .. Pfc. Bob Worcester, Maj. F. Foster .. Photo of first woman Reporter on the Rhine with the 83rd was Texan Ann Stringer of the United Press … Patrol Crosses Rhine fetches Fresh Eggs .. Photo ETO Premiere for 83rds Foxhole Follies Milt Charleston, Charles Dean, Maury Renek, Convoy ran into Heavy Fire under Robert M Dunlop … Male call by Milton Caniff … Industrial Dusseldorf finished by 83rd Artillery Pounding … Spring Song photo Dorothy Lamour.. Lilly Pons-Andre USO Show