Spearhead 1945 03 17 nr 07 (PDF)



Vol.2 — Photo Majo. Genera Robert C. Mason, Walter C. Smith, SHAEF Chief of Staff, Lt. general William H Simpson, and Major General Raymond McLain … Division Name Contest Opens; Winner to get pass to Paris … 330th Patrol Found Fireworks in Nuess … Rhine Drive Earns Praise .. Photo Air-Ground Team captured in Germany by 329th Doughs-Brig. Gen Richard Nugent, Brig Gen B M Hovey, Jr. … Nancy of Neuss … Allied Air Power Hits Dusseldorf.. photo of tank at Hemmerden… 330the Patrol Sets off Phine Bridge Fireworks … Freedom of Worship comes back to the Rhine- German civilians walking down Adolph Hiterler Strasse in Neuss couldn’t believe their eyes. An abandoned trolley had become a GI Synagogue. Capt. Jacob M. Ott of Chicago, the 83rds Jewish chaplain … Nazi Officer Outwitted by Nervy Dough- Lt. Kenneth Bergquest platoon leader from Minneapolis, Minn, Lt. Patrick Murphy … Photo Angela Green … Neuss gets New Deal In Postmasters … Graveyard shift= photo PFCs Fred Prailey and Robert Svenson from Co K 331st infantry division … GIs turn detectives for a day .. Goebbels and co keep shouting about the Nazi’s fighting till the last man, woman and child, but German soldiers and civillians are surrendering .. Krauts get taste of 88s over Rhine; 83rd troops captured eight German guns and used them to shell the Krauts; Arnold B. Cocetti from Scranton, PA … Morale Lines photo of Colleen Townsend of Hollywood