Sololand 1945 01 15 nr 12 (PDF)


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Aviation Student Veteran Of Tokyo Raid Douglas V. Radney Was Member Of Famed Air Crew ( aerial gunner in Jimmie Doolittle raid, 2nd plane ) … Capt. Chapman transferred … LT> Sills, former cadet, killed in action … Holders of the Silver Star: A/S George C. Stevens, Nathan Balogh and Douglass V. Radney … Franck Lamont with Herb Schultz … Gen. T.J. Hanley decorated former CG of EFTC … Double Threat Pilots Needed Now … These 45-E Cadets Admit Florida Scenery Best … ‘Pre-Fab Homes Built in One Day … Slickers Soak Suckers On Souvenirs: Luger brings $50 or $100 … New Discharge Emblem … Sign in Russian station: “Trains, buses and Germans still running.” … The “Powers That Be” Of The Cadet Corps: Charles M. Featherstone, Reno H. Hoefler, John M. Taulman, John J. Lambert, Jasper H. Williams, Henry B. Everhart, George P. Wright, Ermon C. Seymour, Robert A. Stirnkorb