Skrzydla 1944 06 15 nr 11 (PDF)




On cover: Wing Commander Skalski; inside: Naczelny Wodz Wsrod Lotnikow: Gen.Sosnkowski, Air-Marshal Cunningham and M. Izycki; Wielkie┬ái Male Narody; Mosquito advertisement; Picture of Polish Bomber Squadron after sinking an U-Boat and receiving damage from second U-boats A/A guns; Death of Captain Burzynski of Transport Command; Letter to 303; Salute to Poland by Air Vice-Marshal R.L. Marix; Brigadier Victor H. Strahn, Major Thomas J. Cummings and Captain Elliot Chess; Idea Uskrzydlenia Polski – Gen. Pil. Izycki; Wladyslaw RaczkiewiczPolish WAAF’s; Photos of Polish Squadrons with the Allied Invasion of France