Signal English 1940 nr 12 (PDF)



The Ju 88, the latest horizontal and dive bomber used by the Air Force — Between Gibraltar and Suez – What is t stake in the Mediterranean? — Arado advertisement — Big map of Mediterranean — In Wiesbaden: The German Armistice Commission: General von Stuelpangel and Huntziger, Lieutenant-General Mieth, General Baures, Colonel Mancinelli, Lieutenant-Colonel Chauvin at Hotel Rose; Major von Mielecki — Attacks on land and sea: A few pictures of Italy’s battles and victories — Somewhere on the coast: Target ship X; color photos of a sunk transported being shelled by German artillery; seaplanes starting on water — In the Land of the Midnight Sun — Fighting through; Two comrades, two reports – German bomber and German fighter tell their stories — The Arbitration of Vienna: von Ribbentrop and Count Ciano; redrawing the frontier between Hungary and Rumania — Two German arms illustrated for the first time: the offensive gun (tank) and the heaviest German anti-aircraft gun — How have you succeeded in doing it? Sport and physical training – the foundation of the German success; General-Field Marshal von Reichenau — The Reich Sports Badgeand the Storm Trooper’s Military Badge – photos and information — I flew with them… – our photographer-correspondent, Hans Schaller, takes the first colored photographs of an attack by German dive-bombers — Large color photo: The Log book (on belt) of the pursuit pilot — That was why it happened; France’s collapse – how prominent Frenchmen explained it; by Alfred Gerigk — Kranzler in Berlin —Olympia typing machines — The Wilhelmstrasse from7 o’clock in the morning… — Madaus — A little psychological experiment: The parcel in the street — M. Hensoldt — Don’t let anybody put your coat on! – Suggestions for prolonging life — In the House of German Art in Munich – color photos; Soldier in Poland by Franz Eichhorst, Paul Mathias Padua, Rudolf Hess — Among the 1397 works of art in the exhibition: “After the bath” by Johann Schult, “The peasant Bride” by Sepp Hilz of Bad Aibling; “Improvisator” by Friedrich Stahl and Landscape by Frieda Kniep; all color photos — Fish with a family smell and other riddles of animal senses — Deutsche Reichslotterie — Berlin Fashion Hints; Gehringer & Gluff Modelle — BMW advertisement — Explosion of a German heavy bomb caught on camera by P.K. Schmitz