Signal 1944 nr 14 (PDF)




Cover: For the Outstanding Lone Fighter – The “Honor Roll Clasp” is worn on the ribbon of the Iron Cross of 1939 by the soldiers who were honored by their naming in the “Honor Roll of the German Army”
Articles: Their First Mission … The German paratroopers and glider troops have long since entered into the history of war with their deeds of Narvik, Eben-Emael, Crete and Monte Cassino. The Anglo-American paratroopers and glider troops have their first major use in the Invasion. “Signal” reports on. ….. The Lone Fighter – “Signal” dedicates this issue to the lone fighter, the soldier who, defying the storm of the masses in the West, the East and on the Southern Front, the man, the woman and the young, undeterred using in the fifth year of the war their output for the future of Europe. ….. The World of the Greater – Anglo-Americans and Bolsheviks put up huge material and human masses against Europe. Does the German soldier and his European Allies not succumb to such a stampede? / Dr. Christoph Baron von Imhoff ….. Cassino — The Memorial of the Individual Fighter – In the last two issues, the war diary of the 1st German Parachute Division was opened. Today “Signal”, which finally writes an episode of it: the history of those weeks in which the Division withstood against the best troops of the British 8th and 5th US Army. ….. New weapons of the lone warrior: ,,Panzerfaust” and ,,Panzerschreck” ….. How they work – Germans in the fifth year of the War ….. The Unknown Courage – “Signal” will bring this booklet examples of what the German man and the German woman today make in their professions. ….. Operation Under the Bombs ….. Drive Still! ….. Undiminished desire to create ….. Opera music in the firestorm — Variety show in the firing line ….. Meeting – The Girls of the Circus ….. Under the Open Sky – The studio of the Berlin sculptor Ernst Art was severely damaged in a bombing attack. Developed further — in the yard, between the ruins of burnt-out houses, now puts the finishing touches on one of his works. ….. The Tram Conductress