Signal 1944 nr 12 (PDF)




Cover: German Speedboats – Form a Keel Line Attack Unit / PK. Photo by War Correspondent Krouche ….. Still …! Unencumbered by Anglo-American bombs the work continues to go on in European German shipyards / OT-PK.-Photo ….. Villa d’Este in Tivoli – On May 27, 1944, Anglo-American bombers also destroyed the world famous building at the gates of Rome ….. The face of a US – American pilot ….. G5 or the European Camel (Cigarette) ….. Western Front 1944 – After years of struggle on the many theaters of this Second World War, the German soldier stands at the end of the fifth year of the war in his most serious struggle, in action against invading armies in Western Europe. Here too proven again, as in all the years in both attack and defense, with the fighters of the other branches of service German paratroopers, the embodiment of the best of our fighters and soldiering ….. U-Boat Fleet in Being – The term “Fleet in Being” is well known. What a “U-boat fleet in being” means, Signal reports about it on these pages ….. The Battle Without powder – The U-boat fleet in being proposes a battle without powder ….. Their Way – The Battles of the First Parachute Division. The Units of the First Parachute Division are actually known to the world, led by Lieutenant General Heidrich through the heroic defense of Cassino and the death-defying use of combat in Italy. The enemy has to these men given the honorific nickname “The Green Devils.” “Signal” – Reported by Lieutenant Benno Wundshammer tells the glorious history of this division. His report starts on page 12 of this issue. ….. Liberation – a Potent Medicine? / By Giselher Wirsing “At one point we sit down for a king, and on the other a Communist – ” Winston Churchill in the House of Commons, May 24, 1944 ….. Military targets? ….. Their Way ( Part 1 ) – The Parachute Ghost, Norway, Eben Emael, The Master Force, Only Volunteers, Versatile Specialists, Small Assault Detachments and Superior to the Enemy / In the second part of our report, which appears in the next ‘issue’, we will give answer to this question ….. Pioneering work. Cautiously the sharpened explosive charge is put in place when mining a small forest. PK Recording: war correspondent Dr.Bohne ….. The Monumental Horse Wash in Salzburg ….. Europe’s You – The history of Europe is the history of Western culture. You are, at the same time, the answer to the question of whether this continent can live its own life. In the following “Signal” deals with the rebirth from antiquity and the formation of nation-states ….. High School of Architecture ….. Son of the Mime – The actor Werner Krauss, a prototype of the German art ideal ….. A Danzig patrician – Heinrieh Floris Schopenhauer, the father of the philosopher ….. Drivers “dipus” – German soldiers performing the tragedy ‘King Odipus’ in the ancient ruins on a Greek island. ….. In relation to Personal Health – In relation to Personal medicine? A new concept, a new method? Yes! Behind him is a new reality and the prospect for anyone to prolong his life significantly. “Signal” reports on / By Emil Lutz ….. Maria Holst from the Vienna Burgtheater as the Queen in the play, “The Fall of the Minister” ….. Nightly closing act of a great folk festival in Valencia.