Signal 1943 nr 22 (PDF)




40 pagers

German glider troop carrier; war correspondent Wanderer

Veli Kajum Chan

10 theses for world discussion; Prof. Hunke

His last photo – war correspondent Wilhelm Walz fallen on the east front

Ein Trugschluss by Giselher Wirsing

Color photos of German paratroopers during Mussolini rescue

10th Company after 600 days of fighting

Dostoievski house

Color photo of General von Manstein at a map

Hunter and its pray – German fighter plane in front of Short Stirling bomber; color photo by war correspondent Hubmann

Jacob Fugger

Growing vines and fighting its diseases

Hugo Ibscher rescuing old papyrus

Color photo of German performers; Wie einst im Mai by Walter Kollo

Art dancing

German school of making motion Films

From Coimbra to Petsamo – European youth