Sea Power 1944 09 (PDF)


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Vol. 4 No. 9 ……. Cover: by Charles Andres, Specialist 2nd Class, U.S.N.R. ……. Articles Inside: … Out of the Mail Buoy ….. Navy Day Has a Double Meaning ….. Merchant Ships Back the Invasion – The Merchant Marine is a full member of our fighting team. By Roger Kafka ….. “To Each His Faith” – You learn to know a man when you share a life-raft with him. By Colin MacKenzie ….. Shipping for Victory and After – The Merchant Marine is vital to the future of the nation. By Vice Admiral Emory S. Land, U.S.N. (Ret.) ….. Scoreboard of Naval Losses ….. Salt-Water Ships from Fresh-Water Shipyards – The Great Lakes shipyards have brought victory closer. By Harry Botsford ….. A Seaman’s Progress ….. Ship Versus Plane – The ship and plane are complementary, not competitive. By Almon E. Roth ….. To Keep the Flag Flying – An Editorial. By Sheldon Clark ….. Old Hardrock – A man’s nickname is the index to his character, sometimes. By Victor H. Johnson ….. Deck Valves Frozen ….. British Seamen Run Nazi Blockade ….. Torpedoed Four Times Within Nine Months ….. The Bos’n Brought Them Through Alive ….. Our Navy Today – A book review ….. What Fighting Men Think ….. Navy League Notes