Sea Power 1943 08 (PDF)


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Vol. 3 No. 8 ……. Cover: by Lt. Commander McClelland Barclay, U.S.N.R. ……. Articles Inside: … Out of the Mail Buoy ….. New Things are Not Enough – An Editorial By Sheldon Clark ….. News from the Seven Seas ….. Then There were Four – The heights to which brave men can rise. By Tech. Sgt. Lowell C. Hall ….. Invisible Enemies – The dramatic story of a war that is endless and truly global. ( Malaria ) By James L. Collings ….. The Secret of Skip-Bombing – American ingenuity gives the plane new power against ships. By Charles A. Michie ….. Sea Power Smashes the Gates of Sicily – Navy guns provided vital coverage for our invasion force. By Alexander Kiralfy ….. Scoreboard of Naval Losses ….. Newest Weapon for Invasion – This secret weapon belongs to us, not to the Nazis. ( LSTs ) By Royce Powell ….. The WAVES at Work ….. Britain’s Navy is Stronger Than Ever By Jay Launer ….. Victory in the Atlantic – Hitler’s last hope has been blasted from the seas. By Hanson W. Baldwin ….. A Baby Flat-Top Fights ….. They Saved New York – The city faced disaster, but the Coast Guard was ready. By Marvin J. Coles ….. Mr. Johnston Comes to Washington ….. Fighting Seabees Hit the Screen ….. New Methods Speeds Shipbuilding ….. When a U.S. Warship Carried a Harem ….. How to Spot a Foe ….. Fire-Fighting Schools ….. Americans in Battle on the Seas ….. The Navy League in Action ….. Latest Airplane Developments Explained