Sea Power 1943 08 (PDF)




Vol. 3 No. 8

Cover: by Lt. Commander McClelland Barclay, U.S.N.R.

Articles Inside:

Out of the Mail Buoy

New Things are Not Enough – An Editorial By Sheldon Clark

News from the Seven Seas

Then There were Four – The heights to which brave men can rise. By Tech. Sgt. Lowell C. Hall

Invisible Enemies – The dramatic story of a war that is endless and truly global. ( Malaria ) By James L. Collings

The Secret of Skip-Bombing – American ingenuity gives the plane new power against ships. By Charles A. Michie

Sea Power Smashes the Gates of Sicily – Navy guns provided vital coverage for our invasion force. By Alexander Kiralfy

Scoreboard of Naval Losses

Newest Weapon for Invasion – This secret weapon belongs to us, not to the Nazis. ( LSTs ) By Royce Powell

The WAVES at Work

Britain’s Navy is Stronger Than Ever By Jay Launer

Victory in the Atlantic – Hitler’s last hope has been blasted from the seas. By Hanson W. Baldwin

A Baby Flat-Top Fights

They Saved New York – The city faced disaster, but the Coast Guard was ready. By Marvin J. Coles

Mr. Johnston Comes to Washington

Fighting Seabees Hit the Screen

New Methods Speeds Shipbuilding

When a U.S. Warship Carried a Harem

How to Spot a Foe

Fire-Fighting Schools

Americans in Battle on the Seas

The Navy League in Action

Latest Airplane Developments Explained