Sea Power 1943 05 (PDF)




Vol. 3 No. 5
36 pages

Cover: by Lt. Commander McClelland Barclay, U.S.N.R.

Articles Inside:

Out of the Mail Buoy

Victory Through Sea Power – Final triumph on land will only follow success on the seas. By Sheldon Clark.

News from the Seven Seas

The Navy Needs Your Oil – Warning! Only peace will bring back your fuel and gas. By Harold L. Ickes

Will Benito’s Navy Fight? – Italy’s jackrabbit fleet may at last be forced into combat. By Charles A. Michie

I was on the Yorktown – The story of the last battle of a gallant ship and crew. By Lt. John D. Lorenz, U.S.N.R.

Scoreboard of Naval Losses

The Navy Sees the Stars – The movies provide needed relaxation for our fighting men. By Royce Powell

How to Break into Europe – Command of the seas gives us the advantage of surprise. By Alexander Kiralfy

The Weed That Made Good – Once a hated pest-now the source of vital war materials. By Pearl P. Puckett

Our New Pacific Navy – Miracles of construction and new tactics make it great. By Gilbert Cant

Mate Saves Thirty-Seven When Gale Beaks Ship in Two in North Atlantic

Navy League Officer Receives Unusual Honor ( Samual A. Perkins

YSRs Do Dirty Work

Contest Opened for Talented Service Men

The U-Boat Menace Grows – Hitler is sacrificing surface ships to build undersea raiders. By Jay Launer