Sea Power 1943 01 (PDF)




Vol. 3 No. 1
36 pages

Cover: When we asked Lieutenant Commander Barclay to paint us a cover that would be suitable for an issue largely devoted to the various aspects of the Navy Medical Corps, he telephoned the Brooklyn Naval Hospital and asked them to send him a nurse who would pose. They sent Margaret Jane Vassar, who came to the Navy via Barnert Memorial Hospital, in Paterson, N. J., and Buchanan, Va. She’s been a nurse for 4 years and a Navy nurse for 5 months. Her ambition is to get out to the fighting fronts. When McClelland Barclay asked her about the men she nurses, her eyes flashed. “They’re great,” she said. “They all say the same thing: ‘I hope I won’t have to stay here long. I sure would like to get back to duty as soon as I can.'”

Articles Inside:

Out of the Mail Buoy

Navy League Membership Tripled in the Past Year

News from the Seven Seas

Softies Don’t Survive – Even in mechanized war tough men last longer. By Sheldon Clark

Salute to the Navy Nurse – It’s hard work, sometimes dangerous, but the girls love it. By Hannah Lees

Medical Handy Men – They’re the Pharmacist’s Mates, backbone of Navy Medicine. By Roger Kafka

Hospitals on the High Seas – Bringing the best medical care to the ends of the earth. By Roy L. Pepperburg

A Spar is Born – Meet Lt. Comdr. Dorothy Stratton of the U. S. Coast Guard. By Royce Powell

We’ve Just Begun to Fight – Don’t relax yet! The enemy is still tough and strong. By Hanson W. Baldwin

Stand by For Action! – A Navy movie that the Navy likes

Scoreboard of Naval Losses

Finding the Fight in Fliers – Good pilots need a quick mind, perfect body, fighting spirit. By Fletcher Pratt

A Nipponese Naval Novelty – If you doubt Jap resourcefulness, this should convince you. A floatplane and seaplane carrier. By Jay Launer

The Men Who Deliver the Goods – Read this before you beef about your civilian hardships

The Navy League in Action