Sea Power 1942 03 (PDF)


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Vol. 2 No. 3 ……. Cover: This month’s cover was painted for Sea Power by L. H. Greer, who, though self-taught except for six months of formal art training at the National Academy of Design, has made a name for himself in the world of advertising art. Born in Schenectady, he became interested in airplanes when an Army “DH-4” was forced down on a farm near the General Electric Company plant where he was then working. As an aviation enthusiast, he likes living at Hempstead, Long Island, where nearby Mitchel Field and Roosevelt Field provide planes to study and sketch. For the last twelve years he has specialized in paintings of aircraft. Following are the planes which appear on the cover. 1. Curtiss P-36 pursuit; 2. Vought F4U-I, world’s fastest naval fighter plane; 3. Curtiss P-40 pursuit and interceptor; 4. Vought SO2U-I, naval scout observation plane; 5. Bell YFM-1, “Airacuda” fighter; 6. Lockheed P-38 twin-engined interceptor; 7. Douglas B-18 medium bomber; 8. Boeing B-17 long-range bomber; 9. Curtiss SB2C-I, naval dive bomber; 10. Grumman F4F-3, naval carrier fighter; 11. Consolidated PB2Y-I, naval patrol bomber, the “Coronado”; 12. Curtiss SBC-4, naval scout bomber. The right foreground is taken up by the tail assembly of a “Flying Fortress,” the Army’s B-19, long-range bomber. Immediately behind it is the tail assembly of a Martin B-26 medium bomber. ……. Articles Inside: … Wings of the Navy – The Navy’s planes and the jobs they’re built to do ….. With Singapore Lost. What Now? – A resurvey By Hanson W. Baldwin ….. What Will Milady Wear to War? ….. Will Surabaya be Another Singapore? – Latest Japanese moves threaten complete encirclement of Java ….. JapanFifty Years on the March! – Half a century ago Nippon fixed its eyes on world conquest and has been following the road ever since By Rear Admiral Reginald R. Belknap, U.S.N. (Ret.) ….. Jap Ship Losses Exceed Building Rate By Jay Launer ….. Counter-Attack! – Why the U. S. Navy attacked the Gilberts and Marshalls ….. Riddles of the Nazi Navy – How large is it? What will it do? Why was it reunited? By Jay Launer …..The Plane Rides High – In February the effect of air power on traditional concepts of sea power began to appear ….. Making “Eyes” for the Navy – Periscopes and Binoculars ….. For Distinguished Industrial Service The Navy’s “E” Awards ….. I Ride a “Bronc” at Sea – A ride on a Navy mosquito boat not only convinced the author of their value, it “almost ruined” him By Jo Chamberlin ….. The Navy League – Full Speed Ahead!