Sea Power 1942 01 (PDF)


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Vol. 2 No. 1 ……. Cover: Lt. Comdr. McClelland Barclay, U.S.N.R., who was in Hawaii recently, felt a mounting sense of anger as he saw the names of his friends appearing in casualty lists from Pearl Harbor. He wanted to hit back at the Japs and did – in the way he could hit best – with brush and palette. The result was Sea Power’s cover for January. ……. Articles Inside: … History in the Making – Roosevelt’s war message showing last-minute changes ….. Sea Warfare in 1941 – Results of year’s sea warfare evaluated. By Fletcher Pratt ….. Call to Arms! – News bulletins brought word of a treacherous attack, and recruiting stations were immediately swamped by volunteers. ….. Japan’s Gamble – Survey of America’s altered naval position as a result of the attack on Pearl Harbor. By Alexander Kiralfy ….. The Danger to Our Seacoast Cities – What are the chances that our seacoasts, east and west, will be devastated by raids? By Major George Fielding Eliot ….. Jap Navy Gains by Undersized Seamen – Stature of Jap seamen makes possible more fighting power, per ton, in Jap cruisers. By Jay Launer ….. War in the Pacific – Hanson W. Baldwin Analyzes Grand Strategy Against Japan – War Comes to America – News of America’s New War Fronts ….. Allies vs. Axis: Naval Strength Compared ….. Fishermen at War – Mine-sweeping aboard a British fishing trawler, abridged from the book of the same name. By Leo Walmsley ….. Guns for Merchantmen – The Navy arms our merchantmen to fight submarines ….. Are “Sea Otters” the Answer to Submarines? – Here is the story of the ship which may break the back of Hitler’s submarine offensive. By Royce Powell ….. Navy League Inaugurates Membership Drive ….. Forward to Victory By Sheldon Clark ….. Suspend Judgement By Lt. Comdr. Nelson Macy, U.S.N.R.