Recognition Journal 1945 03 (PDF)


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No. 19 ……. Cover: Nightfighter ……. Articles Inside: …

Quiz No. 1: Warring Navies’ Cruisers

This Must Stop

B-32 – Consolidated-Vultee’s Dominator is AAF’s second superbomber

New Variations in Nazi Armor

New Attack Ships

Bulky C-97 is AAF’s Biggest

Modified Judy and New Jap DD

Allied & Axis Aircraft News

New and Revised Airplane Silhouettes

Fighters at Night

French Warships

Quiz No. 2: Fifteen Flying Enemies

Pacific Contrast

Japan Vs. U.S. – National Differences in Plane Design … Single Engine ( Oscar, Tojo, Zeke, Jill, P-47, P-51, F6F and SB2C ), … Twin Engine ( Betty, Helen, Lily, Dinah, B-25, A-26, F7F and P-61 )

Soviet Tanks and SP Guns

American Bombers Harass Jap Fleet

Quiz No. 3: A Sub’s Eye View

North American Corp.

Flame Throwers are Motorized

News & Miscellany

Spotter Charts for Soviet Jack and P-47N

Quiz No. 4: Vehicles of Five Armies

Quiz No. 5: This Month’s Sillographs