Recognition Journal 1945 01 (PDF)


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No. 17 ……. Cover: This month’s cover, an official Navy photograph, shows the Japanese CVL Zuiho off Luzon. Bombed by U.S. Navy airmen on Oct. 24, its flight deck has buckled from internal explosions. ……. Articles Inside:

Philippine Sea – Jap Objective Was Our Seventh Fleet

Bomber Changes ( XB-24N ) & New Cargo Plane ( C-82 )

Jap Invaders Use Amphibious Tank

Grumman – Twelve years of specialized production have laid foundation of Navy’s airpower

War for Beaches – Landing Craft Lead the Way

Appendages – Shapes of Familiar Warplanes are Changed by External Battle Gear

The Enemy’s Recognition – German and Japanese Recognition Charts and Cards of Allied Ships

JMST – Japan’s Merchant Ships

News & Miscellany

[ Some copies have a number 17 over stamp on the cover ]