Recognition Journal 1944 06 (PDF)


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No. 10 ……. Cover: Convoy ……. Articles Inside: …

Quiz No. 1: Warships of Four Navies

War At Night

How to See in the Dark

B-29 – Great bomber forecasts future

Allied Airplanes – New and modified aircraft ….. JU-188 – New medium bombs England

Minor Planes & Modifications

Quiz No. 2: Allied and Nazi Armor

Tanks – Mediums are war development

Allies’ Tanks are Among Best of War – The mediums have many hard-hitting features

Axis Medium Tanks – Germans add to armor plate, launch new tank

Quiz No. 2: Planes Head-On – Large Ones are Easy, Smaller Ones Difficult

Standard Shipping – Wins War of Supply

Merchant Vessels – Standard U.S. and British Types

U.S. Builds War Fleet

War-Built Liberty and Victory Ships Augment Vessels of U.S. Shipping Lines

USMC Designed Fine Standard Hulls Engines-Aft Fuel and Cargo Types

British Shipping Lines’ Favorite Ships Have Split Superstructures

Diverse Types Swell British Convoys

German 2nd Line – Varied types supplement top Nazi bomber & fighter force ( JU-290, HE-177, FW-200K, Arado-196, Blohm & Voss-222, Blohm & Voss-138, HE-115, JU-52, JU-86P, Fieseler-156, HS-126 and FW-189 ) ….. News & Miscellany

Spotter Charts for British York and Japanese Tojo

New and Revised Airplane Silhouettes

Quiz No. 4: Types from All Fronts