Recognition Journal 1944 04 (PDF)


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No. 8 ……. Cover: Glider Pick-Up ……. Articles Inside: …

Quiz No. 1: Twin-Engine Shadows

Why They Fly – Basics of Flight

Agano is Newest Jap Light Cruiser

USS California Rejoins the Fleet

New Army Fighter is Improved P-39

British Auxiliaries – New Small Ships and Conversions Form Bulk of the British Fleet

British Sloops – With increased armament they perform a variety of patrol and escort tasks

Sub Smashers – Corvettes and frigates have shared brunt of North Atlantic struggle

Minesweepers – They fight unceasing battle to keep open the sea lanes off British Ports

Odd-Job Craft – Valuable Fleet support is given by trawlers, mine and net layers

Conversions – Old light cruisers are used for AA duty, varied merchant types to chase raiders

Monitors & Gunboats – They shell enemy’s coast, support landing operations

Coastal Craft – Fast new fleet of motorboats fights guerrilla war in North Sea, Channel

Enemy Aircraft – Principal Japanese & German Types

Quiz No. 2: A Dozen Artillery Weapons

War Gliders – New Designs Show Great Promise for Airborne Attack and Supply ( CG-4A, CG-13, Horsa and Hamilcar )

Luftwaffe’s Glider Force ( GO-242, DFS-230 and ME-323 )

Jap Plane Exhausts

The British Armored Cars – Backbone of the Reconnaissance Corps, they cover much ground, scout out enemy forces ( Humber, Daimler, Matador, Otter, Lynx and Staghound

Quiz No. 3: Shapes of the War at Sea

Training Films – “Hell’s Angels” Crew Makes Movies for Army

P-51 and ME-109 Look Different

News & Miscellany

Quiz No. 4: Single-Engine Fighters

Pin-Up Plane – This Month’s is the P-38 Lightning