Recognition Journal 1943 12 (PDF)


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No. 4 ……. Cover: Royal Navy ……. Articles Inside: …

Quiz No. 1: Gunnery

It Pays Off

French Ships – Reconditioned units are back at sea with Allies

Cruisers – Modern French light cruisers are fast, sturdy and carry heavy armament

Destroyers – Le Fantasque, Le Terrible and Leopard are three large French super-destroyers

Emily Downed – New Navy fighters knock Japan’s new four-motored patrol bomber into sea

Nazi Guns – Self-propelled gun is prime anti-tank weapon

Light Chassis – 75’s are also mounted on French Lorraine and German PzKw II Tanks

Czech Chassis – Mounts good 75-mm. gun

Heavier Weapons 76.2-mm., 88-mm., 150-mm, are tough and dangerous

US Bombers – Bombing planes of the USAAF excel in range, accuracy and firepower … A-20 ( Fast and heavily armed, it is an ideal attack plane and light bomber ), … B-25 ( Steady rugged Mitchell is consistent performer ), … B-26 ( Terrific punch features this fast medium bomber ), … B-17 ( Flying Fortresses have captured public’s fancy ), … and B-24 ( Long-range Liberators have performed superbly on important missions )

Quiz No. 2: Planes Over the Atlantic

Royal Fleet – Its Ships are Winning Their Fight

British Naval Vessels – Principal Combatant Types by Classes … Battleships ( Older classes have fought in two wars ), … Battle Power ( Britain’s best are new ships ), … Fleet Carriers ( Hit Bismarck, Italians ), … Auxiliaries ( Smaller Carriers help swell fleet )

Torpedo Bombing – Hazardous Combat Job Done by Naval Fliers … TBF ( U.S. Navy’s plane is big, versatile ), … Beaufort ( Land-based TB of RAF attacks German convoys ), … Beaufighter ( Built as fighter, it now serves as torpedo bomber ), … Swordfish ( Sank Italian fleet at Taranto ), … Barracuda ( Gives new speed to Fleet Air Arm’s torpedo attack )

Japanese TB’s – Enemy Uses Them Successfully

JU-88 – Is Latecomer as Torpedo Bomber

HE-111 – Is a Constant Menace to Convoys

Quiz No. 3: Tanks & Armored Cars

British vs. Jap

News & Miscellany

Spotter Charts for German ME-323 and D.F.S. 230