Recognition Journal 1943 10 (PDF)


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No. 2 ……. Articles Inside: …

Quiz No. 1: Formations

From the Ground Up By Peter G. Masefield

Casablanca – Newest Escort Carriers Have Near Cruiser Lines ….. Hellcat – Newest Deadly Navy Fighter is the Grumman F6F

Emily is a Huge New Jap Seaplane

Recognition Training List

Wakes – Vessels Leave Identifying Tracks on Ocean’s Surface

Armored Vehicles

Nazi Armor – Six- and Eight-Wheeled Armored Vehicles May Be Seen By Allied Invaders

Germany’s Versatile Halftrack

Quiz No. 2: Fighters Over Europe

Japanese Naval Vessels – Principal Combatant Types by Classes

( Japanese ) Big Ships Are Old But Good – Japanese Navy Profiled ( Ise, Nagato, Kongo and Yamashiro )

Jap Fleet Bet on Its Carriers ( Ryujo, Hosho and Chitose )

Big Cruisers Protect the Jap Carriers ( Kumano, Atago, Nachi and Chokai )

Japan’s CL’s Won Battle of Java Sea ( Yubari, Natori, Tenryu, Sendai, Kuma and Katori )

We Have Sunk Many Jap DD’s ( Asashio, Samidare, Hatsuharu, Asagiri, Inazuma, Shinonome, Mutsuki, Kamikazes, Akikaze, Yugao and Momi

Terutsuki, Japs’ Finest Destroyer

Transports – U.S. Transport Planes are Major Link in All Allied Invasion Plans

Large Transports Haul Big Cargoes

C-60 Carries Fast Freight

The Spitfire – England’s Crack Fighter Born in Schneider Races

Quiz No. 3: Aircraft Carriers

The B-25 & DO-217 Have Many Differences

News & Miscellany

Spotter Charts for Soviet “Topsy” Type MC-20 and “PE-2” & “PE-2B”