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Your radio may have been manufactured in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, but it can be the best weapon the opposition has. So many of our own broadcasters are giving away information to the enemy, the F.B.I, should quit hunting transmitters in Mata Hari’s bustle and concentrate on the TBF. That innocent-seeming radio can be a double-edged weapon. Properly employed it may mean the difference between messing up the Japs and messing up ourselves. Reports from the Fleet stress the danger to our side of pilots who pay no attention to the rules for using it. At this stage of the war everybody should know that even the most insignificant violation of radio discipline can: 1. Endanger our own forces by letting the enemy know our strength, location, and intentions. 2. Fail to give our side necessary information. 3. Foul up carefully-laid plans. 4. Interfere with rescue operations. 5. Waste time. An impressive list for a gadget supposed to help, not hinder. Unless you use it smartly, the thousand-dollar radio in your plane isn’t worth ten cents in Confederate money to us. It requires at least as much attention as drawing to an inside straight. The difference is, if you lose out on using your radio sensibly, the results are considerably more disastrous.