Quonset Point – U. S. Naval Air Station Quonset Point, R. I. (PDF)



A half-dozen officers and men … a few frame buildings … the framework of a seaplane hangar , that was the beginning of Quonset Naval Air Station, in the autumn of 1940. The station was a neutrality patrol base then. But manpower, machinery and materials worked miracles, and in the summer of 1941 Quonset was officially commissioned a Naval Air Station. Today Quonset is a bustling community of officers, men, Waves and civilian war workers. Here are modern buildings housing land and sea planes . . . machinery to keep them in fighting trim … an infinite variety of supplies, services required to support the combat personnel of naval aviation. And on every side, new construction, points to continued growth. In this short span, Quonset has achieved a history rich in tradition. Wherever men of naval aviation battle for freedom, Quonset men are in the fight. News reports from battle areas pay tribute to their courage and devotion to duty. Naval aviation’s great victories have not been gained lightly. Many have been won against great odds. Practice and more practice makes them possible. Here Quonset men train daily to make air combat tactics more perfect. Such training makes possible the skills that enable our fliers to chart the true course . . . maneuver their planes more skillfully than the enemy . . . shoot more accurately … to win. Here officers, enlisted men and civilians work together to keep our aircraft in top fighting trim … to make them more than a match for the best the enemy can offer. Their work makes it possible to say: “In all the world there is no finer naval aviation equipment than that used by men of Quonset.” This book hopes to show, in a small way, how Quonset goes about the job of serving the fleet … to present a pictured record of the famous fighting planes . . . the carriers from which they operate . . . the station that serves them. It is a record book for today . . . and a memory book for that tomorrow when Naval Aviation will have done its job and Peace is won.