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You’re flying along and feeling all right and all of a sudden a flock of Mitsubishis comes up on your tail and you’re in for it. You’re hit, but you’re not out of control. You go down, on the wrong side of the island, and you’re a prisoner. Which brings us to the subject of today’s lesson. What are you going to tell your hosts? The answer: (1) YOUR NAME (2) YOUR RANK (3) YOUR SERIAL NUMBER (4)* ……. * (There isn’t anything else. Nothing. Number 4, 5, 23, or 40. Once you’ve delivered yourself of your name, rank, and your serial number, pipe down. You can, according to Unofficial Military Law, Section 284B, grunt, whistle, wheeze, or cluck, but don’t SAY anything else. In short, SHUT UP.) Now, if everybody would just observe these simple rules of captive etiquette there wouldn’t be any need for this sermon.