Plane Facts 1945 09 (PDF)


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Volume III  No. 9  September 1945

Articles in this Issue …

Victory Issue

Can You Beat This?

Treat Salvage Right – It’s for Sale / By Maj. James E. Crawford and Capt. E. B. Hanscom

Gun Chargers Get Standard Hose & Parts / By H. D. McBride

Victory Projects Maintenance, Supply Battle / By Lt. Col. C. E. Bosworth and Capt. F. D. Walker

Fragility, Complexity Key Packing of Accessories / By F. S. Smiley

Overpack Aircraft Instruments for Safety / By Capt. P. K. Cuff

Seal Oxygen Equipment for Storage / By Capt. Henry H. Ilg

Sound Box-Making Starts with Lumber Inspection / By George G. Marra

Pack Aircraft Batteries to Take It / By T. H. Johnson and C. R. Dager

Bring Nailing Know-How to Box Making / By H. D. Parsons

Mech Check

PLM Neglect Is Tire Sabotage / By Lt. Col. V. M. Gillum

Fire Extinguishers Get Fountain Refill Service / By Wallace Monschke

The Gadgeteer

Forestall R-3350 Backfires with Preventive Maintenance / By Robert Marsh

Identify Fuel Cell Fittings / By John H. Bishop

Tip-Top Tip

Take Maintenance Notes from Crew Chief’s Diary 40 Stop Superforts’ Binding, Buffeting, Breaks / By Leo Fritz

Shackle Chutes in AT-11s / By E. L. Adams

Coolant Flushing Kit Saves Time, Labor / By Fred W. Bowen

PLANE FACTS Follows if T.O.s Are Followed / By Capt. T. M. Killeen

Solder Trainer Recording Tape / By J. P. Probst

Re-Anchor Spring in A-5A Magazine / By A. R. Mirante

Channel Reinforces P-38 Bulkhead / By V. L. Kirby

Quick Tricks Keep Electrical Equipment Operating / By Maj. C. R. Smith

Tail Jack Doubles as Dolly / By Cpl. A. M. Wright

Request and Use U.R. DIGEST / By Robert B. Sprague T.O.s of the Month

Rework R-3350-57 Fuel Injection Tube / By J. R. Esterline

Stand Gives R-2800 Power Sections Big Build-Up / By S. L. Conomy

Bracket Stabilizes C-3 Finder Housing / By Kenneth E. Luehr

PLM Pioneers Make Maintenance Stand / By Lt. James Farr

Shim F-5E’s L.G. Fulcrum Right / By Capt. Don E. Burkholder

Answers to Mech Check

Swingin’ Down the Line

It Happened in Italy