Plane Facts 1945 08 (PDF)


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Volume III  No. 8  August 1945

Articles in this Issue …

Can You Beat This?

Conservation: Save Lives and AAF Materiel / By Lt. Col. C. D. Seftenberg

Conserve Packing Materiel by Correct Use / By Capt. J. N. Bode

Oriented Yanks Smooth CBI Labor Relations / By Capt. Douglas S. Young, M/Sgt Martin L. Hecht

Test Spark Plugs in Combat Zone / By Joseph Harrison

Mech Check

Tip-Top Tip

Charts Oxygen Leakage Rate / By T/Sgt E. M. Markley

T.O.s Are Supply and Maintenance Liaison / By Capt. J. M. Carell

Standardize Packaging for Oxygen Equipment / By Capt. W. C. Kulesz and T. H. Johnson

The Gadgeteer

Test for Instrument Landing Bugs / By Lt. William S. Lovett

Torch Compass Moves in Best Circles / By Ralph E. King

Shoot the Lube to Roller Bearings / By William F. Lacey

Boost Dumbos with Jack Adapters / By J. D. McPhilimy

Balance Bombsight Rotors with Magnetic Pickup / By Frank A. Orland

Work Stands Are PLM Aid / By Capt. C. W. Swenson

Achieve Precision Fits in Field Repairs / By Capt. Andreu L. Wiltse and Charles Stirling

Repair Flats on the Line / By William J. Snyder

Step Up Darkroom Production / By A. K. Hulse

Attack Rust, Power Plant Enemy / By Capt. M. R. Esposito and Joseph Rood

Idea-Men Inspire Warehouse Changes / By Maj. J. D. McCulloch and Capt. S. S. Kiker

Ready B-17s for Last Round / By James J. Rodgers

Periscopic Sight Repair Takes Spotter’s Knack / By C. J. Kauhl

Simplify B-29 Maintenance / By Edwin D. Maurer

Repair Supersonic Trainer Maps in Field / By Lt. A. M. Nicony

Ground Wires Reduce Precipitation Static / By Capt. E. L. Cleveland

Damaged P-38s Truck Down the Line / By Capt. Roy Cohen

Use 8025 Tubes Longer / By Lt. James W. Jondrow

Stop C-54 Regulator Door Chafing / By M. L. Temple

T.O.s of the Month

Replace B-24, C-87 Sense Antennas / By Chester A. Sandner, Jr.

Answers to Mech Check

Cut Out Rivets / By Capt. Dino Del Vecchio

Tubes, Wheel Change Improve B-29 Turbos / By A. R. Kelly

Metal Containers Answer Packagers’ Prayers / By Lt. Col. Carl De Zeeuw

Quarterly Index

Swingin’ Down the Line

It Happened in Colorado