Plane Facts 1945 07 (PDF)


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Volume III  No. 7  July 1945

Articles in this Issue …

Can You Beat This?

*Wrap Up ATSC Packaging Problems / By Col. J. A. Morris, Col. John A. Ball and Owen Ackerman

*Neutralize Battery Acid with Coral / By Lt. H. T. Metcalf

*X-able Box Highlights Packing List / By Maj. W. L. Hardy and Capt. C. F. Benson

*Stunt Fungus Growth on Communications Equipment / By Capt. C. R. Smith

PL Methods Speed R-2600 Build-up, Teardown / By Col. A. V. Endress

Attack B-29 Induction System Fires on the Ground / By Mai. Richard F. Mai

Mech Check

Tip-Top Tip

Bar Bothers B-29 Auxiliary Power Plant Switches / By Harry M. Stern

Build B-24 Bomb Bay Door on Jig / By Norman Harlan

The Gadgeteer

Brace B-29 Oil Cells / By Harry J. Chapman

Puts Crimp in Tuning Cable / By Ralph King

Reinforce C-46 Pedestal Levers; Follow Pointers / By Kenneth O’Neil

Install Instrument Suction Gages Correctly / By J. E. Thornton

Reroute C-54 CO2 Lines / By A. L. Girdley

Pliers Install Cowl Fasteners / By V. M. Young

Vary R-3350 Maintenance for Fuel Injection / By Capt. M. B. Dhondt

Blackboard Teaches Posting / By Maj. P. R. Baker

Valve Change Stops C-47 Autopilot Leak / By T/Sgt A. J. Blum

Simplify AN/APN-1 Test / By John D. Sides

Correct 1 Cause of R-1830s’ High Oil Pressure / By Howard Jacob

Provides Hot Running Water for Photo Units / By Maj. L. L. McGladrey

Print Color Duplicates from Positive Transparencies / By D. H. York and Jacob Deschin

Drum Up Emergency Stove for Warehouse / By Col. L. S. Woods

Clean Targets on WL-530 Tubes / By Capt. George Echelson

Stop C-4 Cockpit Lamp Shorts / By Robert A. Davidson

Correct AN/TPS-1, -1A Misalignment / By Andrew Cina

T.O.s of the Month

End ‘Impossible’ Reversed Control Accidents / By Paul H. Taggart

Conserve Bearings by Careful Handling / By W. E. Crowell

Test Dials Tell Turret Adjustment Story / By Lt. H. V. Rosman

Answers to Mech Check

Repair-Don’t Discard-Tie-Down Jacks / By D. R. Brewer

Extra Gear Taxies C-47s, -53s with Flats / By W. A. Swanson

*Pick Up Packaging Tips / By Capt. W. H. Weaver and A. L. Davis

*Bearing Packaging Is Precision Operation / By Lt. K. M. Glaesner

Comply with Vehicle Maintenance T.O.s, Regs / By Lt. Col. V. M. Gillum

Repair P-47 Wings to Relieve Shortage / By Richard Bishop and J. F. Birdzell

Straighten Out Turbo Confusion / By A. R. Kelly

Swingin’ Down the Line

It Happened in England

*Redeployment Articles