Plane Facts 1945 06 (PDF)


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Volume III  No. 6  June 1945

Articles in this Issue …

Can You Beat This?


     AAF Tackles Maintenance, Supply Changeover / By Maj. D. L. Batten and E. T. Oldendorph

     Experience Wises Yanks to Far East Problems / By Lt. Col. L. R. Davidson

     Aleutian Weather & Tundra Yield to Ingenuity / By Lt. Col. D. R. Hughes

     Maintenance Men Cut Wisdom Teeth in New Guinea / By Lt. Col. G. S. Johnson

     Hothouse Care Peps Fuel Systems / By E. E. Lewis

     Dehydrator Puts Hot Air to Good Use / By Maj. A. G. Bickford

     Shoot Cannon Plug Trouble / By A. C. Fagerlund

     Cold Makes Tires Tricky / By E. R. Burkey

     Sand Snags Turbo Maintenance / By Paul C. Cavanaugh

     Mech Check

     Local Fixes Keep Gliders Over Pacific / By E. D. Merritt

     Boxcar Bracing Still Shy Strength / By Lt. C. A, Bisbing

     Stamp Out De-icer Boot Damage / By H. F. Little

     Slip One Over on Wings, Props / By D. R. Brewer

     Climate Varies Filter Care / By E. T. Larson

The Gadgeteer

Counteract P-63 Gun Compartment Corrosion / By J. V. Cooley

Polish B-24, C-46 Heater Performance / By Capt. D. J. Voss

Tip-Top Tip No. 4

Illustrated Stock Lists Offer Multiple Advantages / By Earnest C. Dungan, E. B. Kunk and R. G. Bensinger

Divert Drain from F-6 Canopy Support / By Maj. W. I. Grieve

Get P-47 Water Regulators Off the Bench / By Paul Adair

Rigid Tape Keeps Chaff Dispenser in Shape / By Capt. L. J. Robinson

B-29 Test Stand Answers Overseas SOS / By Capt. J. W. Breehl & J. D. McPhilimy

Trade in SCR-624 Transmitters & Receivers / By Capt. H. A. Ide

T.O.s of the Month

Tows B-24 after Nose Wheel Collapse / By Edward C. Doepke

Striping Machine Ticks Off 10 Miles a Day / By Lt. Col. Lott T. Rogers

Answers to Mech Check


     Stage Daily Maintenance Show for Big Tops / By Col. L. S. Woods

     Uncovered Domes Go Crazy with Heat / By H. D. McBride

     Surface Piping Speeds Fuel Supply / By Maj. J. Y. Alexander

     Varnish Saves Wood Props, Clubs / By Robert C. Wilson

     C-54 Hydraulic System Resents High Pressure / By C. H. Ball

     Pamper Chutes in Pacific / By A. W. Frye

     Mildews & Don’t’s Help Heat-Treat Clothing / By Thomas B. Alder and Albert T. Polinsky

     No Breather for Oxygen Maintenance / By S/Sgt E. M. Markley

     Curb Fuel Cell Cracks / By J. H. Bishop

     Long-Handled Maintenance Saves Instruments / By Charles Gerber

     Life Raft Troubles May Be Little Ones / By H. S. Wilson

Swingin’ Down the Line