Plane Facts 1945 05 (PDF)


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Volume III  No. 5  May 1945

Articles in this Issue …

Can You Beat This?

Fins Deliver Fire Bombs on the Nose / By J. W. Summers

Mix Dry Stinger for Fire Bombs / By Lt. Col. J. E. Salny

Detects Assembly Slips before Block Test / By Col. C. P. Smith

Quit Risky Carbon Tet Misuse / By Lt. Col. H. N. Parrish & E. M. Glass

Tip-Top Tip No. 3

Holders Cut CSFC Computer Repair Time / By Lt. E. J. Karkut

B-17 Landing Gear Troubles Aired / By J. J. Rodgers

Mech Check

Add Autopilots, 5.0 In. Rockets to Long-Range P-47Ns / By Lt. Howard W. Curtiss

The Gadgeteer

Carries Planeload of Oxygen / By Capt. W. G. Kulesz & E. G. Kunk

Scout Scrap Pile for Vise Holders / By Howard Flatter & James F. Hunt

Front Pintle Hook Boosts LST-Bound Trailers / By G. R. Sheppard

Maintain APQ-13 with Standard Fixes / By Capt. S. D. James

Ground Inspections Keep Ditching Suits Ready / By Henry Goldsmith

Compact D-2 Eases K-29 Camera Handling / By Maj. A. S. Kenyon & Capt. W. R. Sanderson

Step Up P-38J Aileron Booster Operation / By George W. Harrison

Wheel Dolly Is Overseas Job / By Capt. Roy C. Cohen

Tone-Key Radio for Coded Transmissions / By Capt. H. A. Ide

Bring New Batteries to Full Strength / By C. E. Walker

Versatile Jack Is Ground Crew’s Helper / By J. D. McPhilimy

First Aid Kits Go Rugged / By Capt. H. W. Chevalier

Oil Filter Kit Serves Engines / By M/Sgt George M. Moon

CBI Stand Tests Auxiliary Power Units for B-29s / By Harry M. Stern

Crew Chief Stand Gets Around / By P. N. Rice

Safety C-46 Fuel Tank Transmitter Plates / By Capt. P. K. Cuff

Turnabout: Save Parachute’s Life / By Alvin W. Frye & W. C. Buhler

Installment Plan Sets R-1820 Oil Tubes Right / By W. B. Hook

Kit Care & Feeding Decide Boresight Efficiency / By Capt. C. S. Godfrey

Praise the Sarge and Clean the Ammo / By Maj. W. G. Fisher

ETO Finds Electric Screwdriver / By Ralph King

Barricade C-47A Antenna Base / By Lt. S. L. Sammis

T.O.s of the Month

Minor Changes Benefit B-24s / By Norman Harlan

Learn Communications Supply Ropes / By Capt. A. F. Pellegrini

Measure Gage Life in Maintenance / By A. I. Wurstner, Roy Bosron, W. F. Lacey

Dress Up B-29 CSFC with Scale and Blinders / By C. J. Kauhl

Use Slip-Proof Prop in CG-4A Nose / By E. D. Merritt

Re-Clip Cable to Declutch P-51 Tail Wheel / By Charles Niehaus

Breathe Easier with Flexible Hose on the Job / By Col. C. G. Sladczyk

Answers to Mech Check

Stock Issue Control Codes Free Supplies, Manpower / By Lt. Col. Orville Myers

Swingin’ Down the Line

It Happened Near Bari