Plane Facts 1945 04 (PDF)


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Volume III  No. 4  April 1945

Articles in this Issue …

Can You Beat This?

Zero Rail Rocket Launchers Replacing Clusters / By Maj. W. G. Fisher and Capt. J. W. Bohensky

Pre-Oiler Gives Curb Service / By Capt. R. C. Cohen

It Happened in India

Treaded Casings Withstand 241 Landings / By William J. Snyder

K-21 Knob Operates under Cover / By A. R. Mirante

Misused Gages Pass Misfits / By A. J. Wurstner, Roy Bosron, R. E. King

Tip-Top Tip No. 2

Vacuum Cleaner Does Double Duty / By H. S. Wilson

Dome Nut Stunt Saves Fuel Cell Fittings / By S/Sgt J. E. Nagle

Turrets Get Altitude Brushes / By Capt. D. K. Langford

Portovan Makes Airborne CSFC Computer Shop / By Lt. E. J. Karkut

Mech Check

Trim Turret Troubles / By Lt. H. V. Rosman

Float R-1820S in Carloads / By Lt. C. A. Bisbing

Form Checkers Underwrite Aircraft / By Hugh B. Duvall

The Gadgeteer

Simplifies Prop Governor Control Lubrication / By E. H. Little

Mounts Photo Intervalometers / By Randolph Brewster

Tire Pallet Is Space and Time Saver / By B. F. Shearer

Shield B-29 Camera Lens from Mudslinging / By Maj. W. I. Grieve

Field U.R.s Unravel Link Trainer Kinks / By J. G. Baer

Jumper Plug Maintains Bomb Release Current / By Capt. M. L. Bloom

Stronger C-47s Bolster CBI Wing Supply / By R. H. Suabedissen

Interrupter Checker Saves Firing Solenoids / By Lt. W. W. Metz

Prodpaks Solve Excess Standard Stock Problem / By Lt. A. M. Trabbic

Preheat Air Ambulances / By Joseph C. Rood

Jack-Knifing Bomb Lift is Jack-Be-Quick / By C. L. Walker

Spars Steady Daring Young Men / By J. D. McPhilimy

Isolate Sections to Detect Oxygen Leaks / By Maj. L. D. Carlson

Issuing Right Size Saves Q-l Stocks / By Lt. G. H. Oertling and R. L. Hall

Closer Oxygen Hose Tests Reduce Rejections / By S/Sgt E. M. Markley

Switch Grounds Radio Antenna / By J. C. Milam

Wires Drain Heater Flues / By Lt. Col. E. L. Harrington

T.O.s of the Month

Torque B-29 Fuel Cell Bolts / By Harry Chapman

Lower Mortality Rate on Stored Engines / By Capt. L. C. Reynolds

Answers to Mech Check

Reclaim F-l Heated Suits to Warm Hospital Beds / By Col. J. M. Hargreaves

Waste Burns Up Waste Solutions / By Lt. Col. E. L. Harrington

Straps Replace Radio Guy Rope Hooks / By Andrew Cina

Milling Spacer Adjusts Itself to Job / By Capt. Dino Del Vecchio

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Swingin’ Down the Line