Plane Facts 1945 03 (PDF)



Volume III  No. 3  March 1945

Can You Beat This? – 2d Cover

Mishandled Reparables Snag Supply, Maintenance / By Lt. Col. H. Bull, Jr. and Maj. Miles Kracman

Lapper Speeds Bombsight Overhaul / By C. R. Thulin

Cannibalize Faster with X-Ability T.O.s / By Capt. Paul E. Walden

Heat’s On for B-25Js, C-47s / By Capt. D. J. Voss

Precision Gages Take Precision Handling / By A. J. Wurstner and Roy F. Bosron

Twist of the Wrist Vents Mustard Bombs / By Majors. W. G. Fisher and J. E. Salny

Mech Check

Marking Inspection Guides Aids Specialists / By Capt. Stanley E. Jacob

It Happened in Italy

Fooling with Refueling Dry-docks Rescue Boats / By Capts. C. R. Elliott and H. F. Joseph

Reroute C-46 Hydraulic Hose / By Lt. M. C. Probst

The Gadgeteer

Vinyl Bag Cuts Work on Shelved Engines / By Capts. L. C. Berge and J. N. Bode

Bushings Reclaim B-24 Struts / By Norman Harlan

New Rig Tests Belt, Harness / By D. R. Brewer

Repair Defective Pilot’s Lamps By Henry Wojcik

Relocate B-25 Drain Line / By L. G. McLaughlin

Clean Turbos for Less Trouble / By A. R. Kelly

T.O. Compliance Keeps Plane Plugs Sparking / By Maj. D. I. Yous

Pack Up Patch Troubles in Flak Repair Kit / By Capt. J. W. Breehl

Doublers Correct P-38 Skin Buckling / By V. L. Kirby

Vehicle Extinguishers’ Upkeep Up to Ops / By Lt. Col. V. M. Gillum

R-2600S Calm Down under Carb Changes / By Capt. M. B. Dhondt

Brackets Protect P-51 L.G. Fairing Door / By L. H. Johnson

Maintenance Spurs Mustangs / By Charles E. Niehaus

Tube Drains Off B-24 Fire Hazard / By Homer Martin

Preserve Aerial Cameraman’s Eyesight / By H. P. Roganti

APO Sq Safeties Bomb Loading / By Capt. M. L. Bloom

Stop Vibration on B-17G, C-46, P-47 Accessories / By Frank E. Metcalf

VHF Crystal Forecast: Longer Life / By Capt. W. L. Doxey

T.O.s of the Month By New Turret Lightens B-24 Tail / By T. B. Meredith and B. J. Suer

Trace V-1710 Pressure Shift to Scavenger Pump / By Maj. H. F. Helbig

3-Point Electronic Equipment Care Foils Weather / By Maj. R. J. Framme, Capt. C. F. Benson, G. R. Hodge

Get Engines Off to Good Start / By Fred Bowen and Robert Desch

Live Wires=Fire Hazard / By Capt. George Tryon, III

Lick Radio Compass Corrosion / By Chester Sandner, Jr.

Inject Better Maintenance into Rocket Launchers / By Capt. J. W. Bohensky

Answers to Mech Check

B-17G Life Raft Compartments Enlarged / By Maj. Ernest Burghduff

Swingin’ Down the Line