Plane Facts 1945 02 (PDF)


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Volume III  No. 2  February 1945

Articles in this Issue …

Can You Beat This?

ATSC Goes to Sea / By Majors Miles Kracman and M. C. Goodman and Norman Hamilton

Field Tester Trains Armorers / By Maj. L. V. Peterson

R-4B, AAF’s Genial Menial, Brings New Chores / By John Sallee

Complete U.R.s Keep Thunder over Tokyo / By Robert B. Sprague

Sock C-47B Clutch Trouble / By Capt. Robert M. Treat

Bring Them Out Alive / By Capt. George H. Tryon, III

Mech Check

Oil Clarification Program Launched / By R. L. Winston

Gages Gig Machine Shop Slips / By Maj. W. A. Oswalt, A. J. Wurstner, Roy Bosron

Excess Oil Bursts P-63 Oil Tanks / By CW/0 W. V. Bland and Fred W. Bowen

Sharpen B-ll Enlarger Autofocus / By A. K. Hulse

Relocate B-25J Compass Dehydrator / By Lt. W. S. Lovett

Plexiglas Stars in New Film / By Pfc William Corry

Solid Servicing Holds Fighter Props in the Groove / By W/O W. V. Klarin

Triple Tricks Cut Shopwork / By Capt. L. A. Cadmus

B-17Gs Pack New Electric Bomb Release / By J. W. Summers

Shuttle Cans Safeguard Supplies / By M. W. McCurtin

Move A-2A Motor to Protect Prints / By Kenneth E. Luehr

New CSFC Gyro Spring Style Halts Shearing / By Lt. F. J. Karkut

Fork Lifts Travel in Trailer / By Ben Shearer

High Altitude Requires Preventive Maintenance / By Capt. W. S. Moore

Make B-29 Fuel Figures Foolproof / By Frank Freeman

Tire Bale Saves Lumber / By Robert Dager

Clear Way to C-47 Radio Compass / By Chester A. Sandner, Jr.

SpD Exhibits Marked Improvements / By H. D. Parsons

P-47 Camera Changes Sharpen Snaps / By K. J. Jones

Maintenance Aspirin Soothes CSFC Headaches / By Maj. C. J. McBride and C. J. Kauhl

Catch K-14 Bugs on Ground / By H. W. Rapp

Rescue Gassed Photo Equipment / By Maj. J. E. Salny

T.O.s of the Month

Changes Make AN/ART-13 Solid Sender / By J. C. Milam

AAF Takes Steps to Lengthen Vehicle Tire Wear / By Capt. S. J. Sietsma

Production Bead Breaker Gets O.K / By Ralph King

AT-10 Bladder Cells Ready & Waiting / By Harry Chapman

Dam P-63 Shimmy Damper Leaks / By J. V. Cooley

Skip Noise Suppression Circuit on BC-312s, -342s / By Capt. H. A. Ide

Saves Aluminum Coolers / By R. E. Desch

Answers to Mech Check

B-25 Cowl Links Last Longer / By Leo Fritz

Swingin’ Down the Line