Plane Facts 1945 01 (PDF)


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Volume III  No. 1  January 1945

Articles in this Issue …

Can You Beat This?New Thunderbolts Strike Farther, Faster / By Capt. R. S. Foulger
T.O.s Front and Center Overseas / By Col. John A. Ball
Oz of Inspection Prevents Lb of Trouble / By Col. Albert V. Endress
Pin Up Perfect Forms / By Maj. C. A. Knecht
Small Scales Used in Pinch / By Eleanor Starcher
Mech Check
Standard Oxygen Hose Safeguards Turret Gunner / By Lt. H. V. Rosman
Preventive Vehicle Maintenance Goes Big Time / By Lt. Col. V. M. Gillum
Stock Record Cards Tighten Supply Lines / By Lt. Col. A. P. Bondurant
The Gadgeteer
Stronger Piston Stop Needed in A-20 Strut / By CW/O W. V. Bland
B-29 Main L.G. Removal Simplified / By Charles Stirling
Consult 11-E Stock List to Smooth CSFC Supply / By Capt. R. E. Milton and G. S. Hamilton
Spin Out Rubber Supplies / By Maj. N. A. Glantz
ATSC Repacks Keep Ready to Fight / By Cpl. E. E. Schutte
Put Damaged Packing Reports to Work / By Capt. L. A. Sanders
Solve Turbo Settings Problems / By Pvt M. S. Galazkiewicz
Shock Mount Strengthens RC-57 / By Isaac Glouberman
Brace CO2 Bottle Brackets / By Kenneth O’Neil
Land-Sea L.G. Shows New Maintenance Quirks / By Capts. James Frank and Marvin A. Sirbu
Construct 2-in-l Cannon Tool / By Col. Thomas M. Jervey
Change Lights for Better Landings / By Henry L. Wojcik
Belly Tank Makes Aleutian Prop Wash / By Capt. Roy Cohen
Repositions Cal .50 Linked Rounds / By Maj. W. G. Fisher
Pad B-26 Muff Assembly / By Carl F. Diehl
Replace  Commercial Tools / By R. E. King
Hang on to Hose Fittings / By L. S. KrestingerT.O.s of the Month
Suppress Radio Noise / By Capts. William Frazier and Victor Nexon
Answers to Mech Check
Unveil Control Cable Tension Table / By Lt. Col. Robert J. Friedman
Cool A-26B Batteries; Check Hinge Bolts
Springs Prevent A-6 Magazine Snags / By H. J. Eberts
No Prizes for Weight and Balance Guesswork / By David D.  Gensemer
Fuel Line Leaks Mean Danger / By H. L. Herbert
PLANE FACTS Quarterly Index
Tip Wood Props Generously / By Robert C. Wilson
Pilot’s Suit Breathes Under Pressure / By Lt. E. E. Martin
Mechanics Get Jump on Ski Tricks / By Lt. Allen C. Carlson and William N. Brown
Swingin’ Down the Line