Plane Facts 1944 12 (PDF)


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Volume II  No. 12  December 1944

Articles in this Issue …

Can You Beat This?

Stored Right, Material Lives to Fight Again / By Capt. C. C. Zimmerman

Captured Depot Reveals Jap Maintenance / By Capt. W. H. Cartter and M/Sgt G. L. Mackie

Dip, Ship, Strip Act Protects Engine Parts / By Capt. F. J. Heller

Free Stuck Clutches in P&W Engines / By Capt. Robert M. Treat

Outside Plumbing Eases Invader Maintenance / By Capt. Richard Bache -Ease 75 mm Cannon Change / By Capt. W. A. Gray

Mech Check

Change B-24 Raft Release / By Julius A. Sobon

C-54 Skin Needs Bath / By R. E. Duffy

The Gadgeteer

A-l Pressure Transmitters Get Fill / By S/Sgt D. W. Billingsley

Anticorrosion Jackets Protect Guns, Mounts / By Everett Bryant

Lightens Moving Day Loads / By Maj. C. W. Meldram

P-38Js, Ls Fitted with New Gun Sleeves / By Lt. E. B. Raff

Bombers Lay New Egg / By M. B. Lammers

Take Drag Out of Bomber Brakes / By Capt. D. E. Wilson

FEASC Reveals Pattern of AD Evolution / By Col. John A. Ball

Jack and Dolly Team Up / By J. D. McPhilimy Seal Leaking P-38 Pistons / By V. L. Kirby

F-5 Camera Windows Dry Up / By A. R. Mirante

Crank Adapter Frees B-17 L.G / By J. J. Rodgers

Groom C-46s for Supply Race / By A. H. Brownfield

Right Backlash Corrects Mag Malfunctions / By E. L. McGaffey

Relax Turbo Governor Shafts / By Paul C. Cavanaugh

Remedy A-6B Turret Troubles / By J. B. Meredith

Banish Generator

Regulator Intruders / By M. L. Temple

Cleans Engines Down Under / By E. M. Glass

T.O.s of the Month

Stalk Warehouse Fire Causes / By Capt. G. H. Tyron III

Signal Supply in Class by Itself / By Maj. A. G. Bickford

Army’s Navy Rescues Airmen / By Maj. Elmer L. Tarbox

Smart Storage Saves Batteries / By C. E. Walker

Step Up Film Processing / By R. C. Haburton

New Measures Get B-24s Up and Down / By Norman Harlan

Bead Breaker Kit Goes Overseas / By Lt. Dino Del Vecchio

Answers to Mech Check

Supports Reduce Floodlight Damage / By H. S. Hamilton

Swingin’ Down the Line