Plane Facts 1944 11 (PDF)


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Volume II  No. 11  November 1944

Articles in this Issue …

Can You Beat This?

Super-Maintenance Keeps Superforts Slugging / By Capt. M. C. Villiard and Capt. Harold Ellis

Keep B-29 Engines Cool / By Maj. Richard F. Mai

Treat Exhaust Systems / By Maj. Raymond C. Pierce

Shield Instrument Wiring / By Capt. E. L. Gallia

Ground Check Needs Outside Power / By H. M. Stern

Special Tools Get Special Handling / By Charles Stirling

K-13 Sharpens Fort’s Sidearms / By Harold D. McBride

New Manuals Have Supply Answers / By Maj. J. E. Lehrke

Mobile Photo Lab Keeps Pace with Combat Line / By Capt. Warner Aanes

Fork-Pallet Team Finds New Play / By Maj. Raymond Brunswick and Capt. C. W. Meldram

Push Button Test Ups Grades, Downs Time / By Maj. L. V. Peterson

Mech Check

Correct Creeping B-24 Bomb Bay Doors / By Capt. R. L. Vetter

P-51 Pilot Heads Rest Easy / By J. R. Taylor

B-10 Shackles Stick, Require Pre-Bomb View / By Capt. M. L. Bloom

The Gadgeteer

C-2 Individual Raft Available / By Maj. S. C. Mayne and N. F. Eidemiller

Step On Oxygen Equipment Bugs / By Donald R. Good

Reclamation Crews Tackle Heavies / By Capt. Frank Korolishin and Lt. W. G. Lundstrum

Modified Ground Units Handle B-29s Faster / By Capt. S. J. Sietsma

Deflectors Prevent Filter Fires / By E. T. Larsen

Nurse Wet Batteries / By C. E. Walker

Stiffeners, Doublets Erase P-47 Wrinkles / By J. V. Cooley

Care Keeps Oil Systems Clicking / By Fred Bowen

Control Wheel Has Ups and Downs / By E. L. Adams

Bearings Get Class, Greater X-Ability / By Maj. E. J. Smith

Clip P-63 Vapor Line / By R. F. Hoban

T.O.S of the Month

ATSC Simplifies Inventory System / By Capt. H. L. Sheehan and P. G. Noonan

Ground Miracles Bring Legion of Merit / By Col. J. G. Griggs

Bracket Supports Shutoff Valve Control Cable / By T. J. Smith

Add C-46 Safety Measures / By A. H. Brownfield

Roving GIs Repair Under Fire / By R. R. Bramble

UC-7S, AT-17 Wing Weight Unaltered / By Capt. W. L. Anderson

Replace Lock Screw in B-24 Shock Strut / By Norman R. Harlan

Answers to Mech Check

Swingin’ Down the Line