Plane Facts 1944 10 (PDF)


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Volume II  No. 10  October 1944

Articles in this Issue …

Can You Beat This?

King Cobras Make Ready to Strike / By J. V. Cooley

Speeds Air Evacuation / By Maj. Harry J. Dick

OASC Beats Box “Bugs” / By Paul Taggart

Sarge’s Ideas Cut B-26 Repair, Win Legion of Merit

Mech Check

Rocket’s Red Glare Lights Combat Zones / By Capt. W. G. Fisher

Boom Beats Gin Time / By J. D. McPhilimy

Desk Pilots Flank Grease Gunners to Speed V-Day / By Capt. J. W. Ward

Oil Highlights Tropicare Tricks / By Lt. Col. William S. Carlson

The Gadgeteer / By Speedy Handling Balks Supply Spoilage at MiAD. / By Harvey C. Eads

Replace Defective Hose on C-46s / By L. G. McLaughlin

Code Gives Film Base / By Ralph Haburton

Dust Prevention Cuts Plane Maintenance / By Maj. W. D. Patterson

New B-17 Tail Turret Turns / By Capt. C. R. Elliott

Gunnery Trainer Aids Students / By Maj. John B. Carne

List 3200 Excess Items for Return to U. S. / By Lt. Col. H. E. Poling

CBItes Double in Brass / By W/O Lyle L. Youells and Arne Butteburg

Electrify K-7C Camera / By A. R. Mirante

Gain Quick Exit From A-20 Turret / By H. W. Rapp

Guide Shows Aircraft Casing X-Ability / By D. J. Kiefer

Booster Motors Play Double Header / By J. B. Meredith

Relocate P-63 Electrical Wiring / By R. D. Souther

Support Prevents A-26 Pilot Breaks / By S/Sgt A. J. Blum

Keep Your Oxygen Dry / By M. M. Butler

T.O.s of the Month / By Locks Hold Control Surfaces under Control / By A. K. Koerbling

Keep Your Chin Turret Up / By W. J. Rader

Keep Sear Release Pressure Down / By Capt. J. W. Bohensky

Bantam Transformer, Bomb Rack Parts Available / By J. H. Utz

Hold Proper Ratio for Effective Coolant / By Robert Willson

Stop Chafe of P-51 Oxygen Lines / By S/Sgt E. M. Markley

Bomb Lift Makes Wheel Changer / By P. N. Rice

Trailer Shoots Instrument Trouble / By C. E. Prugh

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Answers to Mech Check

Swingin’ Down the Line